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Special Occasion
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We have had many special occasion cakes made by Pam Birt at the Twisted Sifter Cake Shop, and not only were we impressed, so were all our guests. She has made all our events spectacular because of her attention to the details, which made us look great too! The flavors and moistness of the cakes were phenomenal, and her creative designs were just what we wanted. If I wasn’t already married, Pam would be the first I call to design my wedding cake… hmmm, my 10 year anniversary is coming up this year… Pam, please put me on your schedule for September!

All our Best to The Twisted Sifter!

Cindy Simmons, Perryville KY

I just wanted to let you know that my wedding cake was above and beyond what I ever expected! It was absolutely perfect. I couldn't believe how well it matched the picture. Also, it tasted delicious - my mom and mother in law are still getting calls about that cake!

I would definitely recommend you to other brides!

Thanks again,
Amy Lyons

IChris and I just returned from our honeymoon and I couldn't wait to tell you what a hit your cupcakes were! A HUGE hit! They were moist, delicous, and the set-up was wonderful. I knew they would be good but they were better than I could have ever imagined - my expectations were definitely exceeded! Everybody raved about them all night.

Thank you so much for being part of our wedding. We had a blast and can't wait to come back in for some more cupcakes soon!

Cassie Wells Barnes
Wedding Cakes

When I design a fairy tale wedding cake for you, I take all aspects of your wedding, your personal preferences and your personalities and create the perfect cake that is a reflection of you. The wedding cake is often a central focal point at the reception and it's important to me that the cake I create for you is your dream cake. I give the Groom's cake the same consideration as the wedding cake.

The Twisted Trail to a Spectacular Cake:

Step 1: Is super easy - Pick up the phone and call.

Step 2: It's fun and you get to eat cake, too.

The purpose of this appointment is to get acquainted and brainstorm. I want you to relax, taste the cake, look through books for ideas, and talk to me about your wedding style and dreams. This is the time to bring photos, ideas, samples, color swatches or anything you feel is important to your fairy tale cake design.

Step 3: Aaaahhhhh - The final design meeting.

When you come for your final meeting, I want to see what choices you have made since our first meeting. During this meeting we will finish the design for your cake and make any final arrangements.

The Cake Pull - tradition in southern states

Pull CakeThe Cake Pull is a tradition for southern states, but it originated in Victoria, England. A cake is baked with several ribbons with good luck charms. The charms can be baked into a seperate cake or into the wedding cake. The bridesmaids gather around the cake at the wedding reception and choose the end of one of the ribbons. The bridesmaid then pulls the ribbon out of the cake to receive their good luck charm. The charms represent children, travel, eternal love, marriage, prosperity, etc. The pull cake can also be a part of garden parties, bridal showers, graduations, birthdays and bachelorette parties. The charms can be the perfect gift or keepsake as they can be purchased in sterling silver and 24K gold.

Tradition originated at the Beaumont Inn of Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Stack CakeThe Stack Cake is said to have originated at the Beaumont Inn of Harrodsburg, Kentucky. The tradition is to have family and friends bring a thin layer of cake to the bride's family who will then stack the layers with a spread of apple preserves, dried apples and apple butter between each layer. The Stack Cake then takes on the appearance of a stack of pancakes. The more layers there are the more popular the couple is considered.