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Pam’s cakes are just beautiful. They are fun to look at and they are very yummy. When you decide to buy a cake from The Twisted Sifter you won’t be sorry. I love her cakes. My son is looking forward to Pam creating his birthday cake for the second year! Bye bye to Walmart!

Lori Cook, Perryville, KY

Well, I've never been a “pinkie-in-the-air,” drinkin’ tea from a cup, cake eatin’ sort of guy… until I tasted the cakes made by Pam of the Twisted Sifter. But now I are one. Beer and birthday cake - they must go great together because so many do it! Hey, if it was God's birthday he'd get His cake from Pam - it's THAT good!

Rob Thomas, Danville, KY

Thank you so much for fixing the Scrabble cake!!! Not only was it beautiful it tasted AMAZING!!!!! It was a big hit at the party!!! Hopefully soon I'll have another order!!! Thanks again!!!!

Tiffany McKibben
Birthday Cakes

Do you know someone who needs a really special Birthday cake? Let's create something that reflects the person's personality.

Do they have a favorite hobby that they are obsessed about? Is there something that they would find really funny? What about something colorful? Or maybe, something very traditional and pretty? What if you don't have a special occasion coming up soon? Make one up!

What's the first step to creating the perfect birthday? Calling The Twisted Sifter Cake Shoppe and scheduling a consultation to create that perfect cake.